It was a somewhat clear winter morning down at the boat launch. With some clouds over the Olympics. The tide was low, so the birds were quite busy swooping around and feeding on the shellfish.

This is where you have to be ready for anything. I usually don’t get into camera settings because every situation is different, but I will impart some wisdom from my short time with the D810 and the Nikon ‘G’ lenses.

First, I am in the fastest burst mode that the shutter will allow. The D810 is 5 frames per second in full RAW mode. Which is good for 4 seconds until the buffer fills up.

Second, I am in ‘follow focus’, or continuous focus all the time. Don’t want to focus, don’t touch the button.

Third, keep your head on a swivel, look around and behind all the time, you never know what could be coming.