Frequently asked questions:

Q. Why don’t you publish any packages or prices?

A. Every event is different, we can only provide an accurate estimate after getting to know each other and the event you are planning.

Q. You charged Jane $$$$, yet you charged me $$$$$.

A. See above.

Q. Why don’t you provide any jpegs?

A. Digital copies are not the best value to provide our clients as jpegs need some sort of electronic device for viewing. We provide the opportunity to purchase high quality prints and books of the photos so that the prints may be displayed and enjoyed easily. We may share certain photos on our social media that you can like, or link to on your social media.

Q. How do I schedule an event?

A. Please send an email to davidprentice@outlook.com with your contact info and we will set up a time to chat about your event.

Q. Why do you need a 50 percent advance deposit?

A. We have certain expenses for each event. We have to assemble and prepare the required gear, travel expenses, and some gear rentals may also be required. And, once we schedule your event, that date may no longer available should you cancel.

Q. When will our pictures be available?

A. Your pictures will be available once your contracted balance is paid in full or when the post processing has been accomplished in accordance with the contract, whichever is later. In most cases, previews will be available the next day.

Q. What is your philosophy regarding event photography?

A. Each event, whether it is a wedding, a sporting event, or a party, will have certain ‘moments’ that define it. There may also be a series of events that define ‘the heart’ of the event. It is our passion to record those events in photographs so that those moments may live on forever.

Q. Can you ‘photoshop’ in/out __________.

A. No. We certainly do not add or remove items from any photo, we only provide overall adjustments to bring out the photographic details.

Q. Who owns the photos you take at our event?

A. We will retain ownership and all rights regarding the photos.