I was working the night shift so I would stay up most of the night. I would also listen to the police scanner just to break up the monotony of late night, early morning television. I heard a really big call out to the marina. Now I know marina fires can be monstrous due to the fuel and fiberglass of the boats. Most of the time these calls are small and not worth the effort. However, this one went to a second alarm with mutual aid called from other agencies. I quickly bundled up as it was still winter and 03 o’clock. I headed over to a park at the end of National Avenue and setup the tripod. I tried to get some video but it didn’t work out very well. This photo had a .5 second exposure at f/4, as I didn’t want the smoke or flames to wash out too much.

After I posted this on Facebook I was contacted by a journalist for ABC News requesting to use it in a news story. The story didn’t run, but it nice to know people are looking for content like this.