It was back in ’86 when I was travelling to the Mid-West for work, when I purchased my first “real” camera a Nikon FG and a couple of lenses.  At the time I had no idea about exposure, aperture, or ISO. So most (all) of my pictures were taken at f22 and in Auto. It worked for what I wanted to do, which was just to take nice photos of the places I was visiting. Then in ’05 I bought my first digital camera. The Nikon D70.  It came with a couple of Sigma kit lenses which were fair, but not great. In the last year or two, I realized I needed to learn a lot more about photography. With the help of many hours of Youtube videos on the B and H Photo channel, I started to get better. Not just with the hardware, but with knowing how to compose a better photograph. However, coming from a film background, I wasn’t real keen on the “burst mode”. I have since embraced it, as that is the only way to get a really good photo of a hummingbird.

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